Transfer Credit Evaluation Updates

Please complete the form below if you are submitting any updates or changes you would like reflected on your Transfer Summary Report (TSR). The purpose of this form is to notify our office that an update needs to be made to your transfer record.

We will contact you as quickly as possible via the email you provide below. We will attach your updated Transfer Summary Report there, or let you know if we require any further documentation/information.  Updates will be completed within 30 business days.  


Updates to your transfer evaluation will be completed two times:

  • Before your assigned Advising & Registration Day
  • Mid-October for fall students & Mid-February for Spring Students

Please do not complete a form, as we will be checking your record during the above designated times; however, if you are submitting a syllabus for department review, you should complete the form below.

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT NOTICE: Do not open your official transcript to attach it to this form. The below form is for notification purposes only. All official transcripts must be submitted through the Office of Admissions at the following address: 406 Penn St., Camden, NJ 08102


Please note that any official documentation should be submitted through the appropriate office, not attached to this form. For example, any official transcripts should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. This form simply notifies our office that we must complete an update for the student.
i.e. Camden County College, Stockton, Rowan University
i.e. Fall 2016, Summer 2016, etc.