Transfer Evaluation

Your first step is to have your transcripts evaluated, which is a process of converting coursework from outside institutions to Rutgers-Camden course equivalencies and credits. Transfer evaluations are completed by the Office of New Student Programs after transfer students are admitted to Rutgers-Camden.  Evaluations are sent to students by email within five business days of being admitted to the University. Transfer credits are awarded for courses taken at regionally accredited colleges and universities which are found equivalent to courses offered by Rutgers-Camden (provided a grade of C or above has been earned).  There is no statute of limitation on the age of courses that can be transferred.
Initial transcripts should be sent with your admissions application to the Office of Admissions.
Students can submit electronic transcripts here:
All final official transcripts and those with updates should be sent to:
Office of Admissions 
406 Penn Street
Camden, NJ 08102
Please note that if you have received an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science from a New Jersey community college, the degree indicator should be included on the final transcript.