Frequently Asked Questions

Do need to attend and complete orientation?
Yes. The virtual Advising and Registration Day and all Online Orientation modules are mandatory programs that give you an opportunity to learn about the campus, meet students, register for classes and become informed of all services available to you. The information presented will make navigating Rutgers-Camden much easier. It is important to complete the necessary steps to attend orientation as soon as possible. Students will register for courses during the virtual Advising and Registration Day.
How do I complete the Online Orientation?
The Office of New Student Programs will add you to the Online Orientation on Canvas starting May 1st. Once you have been added to the course, you will receive an email notification to your Scarletmail account and on Canvas to accept the course. The Online Orientation consists of nine modules with quizzes and discussion posts to complete. Students must earn an 80% in the course to have completed the Online Orientation. 
When do I get assigned to aAdvising and Registration Day?
Our office will assign you to a virtual Advising and Registration Day based on the information you provide on the Registration Form. Students are assigned according to the major they choose and Academic Advisor availability. If you are in the Camden College of Arts and Sciences Honors College, the Honors College will reach out to you directly to schedule an Academic Advising appointment.
All next steps must be completed (placement testing, the Online Orientation, and Registration Form) before attending Advising and Registration. Advising and Registration programs for Transfer Students typically begin in late May to early June. First Year Student programs usually begin in mid-to-late June. 
What should I expect from my Advising and Registration Day?
During your Advising and Registration Day session, you will meet virtually with your Academic Advisor and register for classes. Your advisor will go over degree requirements and answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your major and academic plan. When you arrive at the virtual appointment, you will be greeted by an Orientation Leader (OL) or another ONSP Staff member who can answer questions about transfer credits, placement testing results, and information from the Online Orientation. We will also provide you with any updates from our office at this time.
How do I register for classes?
Students will register for classes during their virtual Advising and Registration Day with their Academic Advisor. New students cannot register for classes before their assigned advising session. 
What if I cannot attend my Advising and Registration Day?
If you cannot attend your assigned Advising and Registration date, you should notify our office as soon as possible to reschedule. When completing the Registration Form, students may also note any time restrictions they have there.
What are the Everfi and Academic Integrity Online Modules?
The Everfi and Academic Integrity Online Modules are a mandatory part of your orientation to help you address critical life skills. The Everfi Modules review important information about alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, and financial literacy. The Academic Integrity Online Tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with our academic integrity concepts and practices here at Rutgers University.