Appeals & Updates

Appeals Process for Transfer Students

Transfer students at Rutgers University–Camden may appeal equivalency or non-transferable decision from their Transfer Summary Report.  The student should review the evaluation for accuracy, and should the student feel there are any discrepancies, listed below is the appeal process.

There are two levels of appeal. The Level 1 appeal must be made within 30 days of receiving the evaluation. The Level 2 appeal must be made two weeks after the Level 1 decision.

Level 1 Appeal
Within 30 days of receipt of your initial evaluation, the student must complete the appeal form here.  The submission of course descriptions and syllabi from the previously attended institutions are required to facilitate the review of course equivalencies.  Please note that additional materials for the courses being evaluated may be requested. 

Upon review and equivalency determination, the reassignment of Rutgers-Camden equivalencies will be made to the student’s record, and a copy of the updated transfer evaluation will be sent via e-mail.

Students will be notified via email of the appeals decision within 15 business days of receipt of their request.

Level 2 Appeal
If satisfactory resolution is not obtained at Level 1, please submit your appeal here within two weeks of the decision.  The Office of New Student Programs will work with the appropriate Dean to review the appeal. Final appeal notification will be received within no more than 30 days.   

Transcript Evaluation Updates

Please submit all requests for updates here